Fjord Model

Fjord Ventures is a technology accelerator with a dedicated source of capital focused on reducing the time and capital needed to bring disruptive innovation to market. Companies are operated within the accelerator and provided with a shared infrastructure where they can plug-in and focus on product innovation. The shared infrastructure decreases fixed costs to stretch operating budgets and reduces dilution. Fjord companies partner with and contract vendors to outsource operations that require large capital investments to avoid building capabilities already existing in the market. 

The early stages of a company’s development require experienced executive management at a time when it may be difficult to attract top talent and unreasonable to pay them a full-time salary. Fjord Portfolio companies employ the Partners at Fjord Ventures as CEOs giving them access to experienced life science executives without bearing the cost of a full-time CEO. A dedicated source of funding through Fjord Capital partners allows company executives to focus on value creation rather than fund raising. Minimizing external capital also aligns investors with management placing attention on execution rather than conflict resolution. 

The Laguna Hills, CA facility houses a number of Fjord Companies which utilize shared services including administration, accounting, IT and legal as well as facilities such as conference rooms. The Fjord facilities include a number of dedicated labs and office space. Co-locating companies increases capital efficiencies and creates an entrepreneurial working environment where ideas and execution come together.