Partnering with Fjord Ventures

Fjord Ventures partners with the entrepreneur at all stages of a life science startup company and is an active advisor every step of the way. When a group partners with Fjord Ventures, they can expect attention from a team of experts who will move the opportunity forward.  The experience of the individuals at Fjord Ventures is wide ranging and includes many years of management expertise with both start up operations and international publicly traded companies.  Leveraging on experience gained in other companies helps create and execute the solid attainable strategies required for success.

Fjord Ventures relies on its network of academic, clinical and industry partners to provide guidance and expertise throughout the company lifecycle. These relationships have proven to be critical in executing Fjord’s virtual product development model and are structured to allow both parties to participate in success. The global reach of Fjord’s network ensures access to the expertise and capabilities required to successfully develop disruptive technology.